Our Services

We are a small family of programmers, engineers and producers. The creative work that we do include app development, music production and more.

Music Production

Audio Mixing

Mixing is the process of combining multitrack recordings into a final stereo or surround file. The individual tracks from a refording session are blended together are done so by using various processes such as equalization and compression.

Audio Mastering

Mastering is the process of improving a mix to make it sound the best. It is the process of adjusting the different frequencies in your mix without affecting the dynamics of the mix so that it will sound the loudest and clearest in most of the audio players.

We can help you master your album. We now have a completely online solution.
Click here to visit our Online Mastering Studios page

Video Production

We have our in-house team and facilities for producing music videos, jam videos, interviews and any other type of videos for indie projects.

Design and Illustration

We have expertise in producing 2D assets for games, apps and music projects. Some of these include banners, app icons, profile feature images, cover arts, inlay cards, marketing materials and more.